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by ally redmond
french earthenware assortment

Founded all the way back in 1875, Manufacture de Digoin – the oldest manufacturer in the town of Digoin in Burgundy – produces high-quality, ultra-resistant earthenware items crafted from French sandstone. Famous in France and beyond for its century-old savoir-faire and well-honed creation processes, the brand’s stunning offerings are the perfect way to add a unique French touch to your home. Specializing in the culinary and gardening spheres, Digoin sells a range of French earthenware that is remarkably strong and waterproof, so you can rest easy knowing that your pieces are not only beautiful, but you’ll be able to enjoy them for decades to come.

Over the years, MFCH has been delighted to partner with Manufacture de Digoin numerous times and in many ways (if you’re a long-time MFCH Magazine reader, you may remember them as our “Artisans of France” from our January/February 2019 issue feature!). These days, we are excited to stock some of their coveted French earthenware in the MFCH Boutique.


Check out some our favorite current Manufacture de Digoin offerings below!

French Earthenware Jars


Use these earthenware jars to organize your kitchen utensils or as a way to display them on the table! Sold individually.

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French Earthenware Fish Terrine

This unique earthenware Fish Terrine – from original blueprints discovered in Manufacture de Digoin’s archives – is ideal for both cooking and serving your favorite recipes (for a truly French spin, try you hand at making paté!). Available in green or white.

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French Earthenware Bowls


These types of earthenware bowls were originally used by butchers for all kinds of preparations, from pasta to potted or cured meats. Today, they are more commonly used as pretty mixing bowls or as a vessel for cereal, fruit or salad. Sold as a pair (one small and one large).

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French Earthenware Draining Plate

This earthenware draining plate is, as expected, wonderful for draining fruits and vegetables, or anything else you’d like. The perfect piece for letting a dish breath while sitting for prep on the kitchen counter.

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French Earthenware Sugar Pot

This earthenware “sugar” pot is great for preserving sugar, flour, pasta, or any other kind of dry food.

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Enameled Earthenware Oil Jug

Fill this gorgeous earthenware jug with oils, vinegars or even liqueurs!

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