Fall Styling Tips with French Accessories

by olivia hoffman
Photo by © Sézane

Chilly breeze fills the air here in France as the autumn season reaches its peak before giving way to the biting cold of winter. The hats and scarves start to come out and layers of clothing begin piling on.


While the cooler temps are not everyone’s cup of tea, it does offer an opportunity to get creative with accessories. Diversify your outfits by taking simple – and often essential – accessories to the next level by implementing these classic French styling tips.

Have Fun with Socks

Starting from the bottom, stylish socks are not an accessory that should be overlooked. Peeking out above boots and sneakers, this is a perfect opportunity to show some subtle pattern or pops of color. Soft socks by Maison Broussard add a fun twist to plain jeans while transparent socks from Saint Eustache offer a touch of unexpected elegance. An array of fun options from both brands are available on the MFCH Boutique.

Highlight the Belt

The “French tuck” is a styling technique for loose shirts or sweaters in which you loosely tuck just the front inside the pants. This trick makes the sweater look less bulky and provides an opportunity to highlight a stylish belt buckle. Thin belts are also perfect to put around a longer shirt or sweater to define the waistline and jazz up a plain top.

Mix Up Scarf Styles

It’s the beginning of scarf season which lasts well into the first months of spring. While it’s important to have a few practical, throw-on scarves for any time of year – like the ones from Létol available on the MFCH Boutique – there are plenty of ways to make scarves an intentional accessory. Chunky options from brands like Sézane and Sandro can change the whole look of a coat, or you can also mix up an outfit with ponchos and zip or button-up scarves.

Match the Gloves and Hat

Temperatures have started tipping into ‘hats and gloves’ territory, but we’re not upset about it. It’s another opportunity to accessorize the outfit! Knit gloves look darling when paired with a matching beanie or classic French beret, achieving a chic look that’s ready for the cold.

Opt for a Hands-Free Bag

The bigger the coat gets, the trickier it becomes to keep a tote bag on the shoulder. At this time of year, crossbody bags are the best option, eliminating the need to fuss with a slipping strap. Yearlong classics from brands like Sézane and A.P.C. have new seasonal colors and materials that are simply fabulous.

Layer Big Jewelry

A great way to switch up the look of a solid sweater or turtleneck is to layer on big pieces of jewelry. Delicate chains and small pendants get lost with chunky knits, so opt for pearls and large medallions. Get a vintage-inspired look from French Kande or sport your personality with the zodiac sign collection from Maje.

Use these classic French styling tips to keep your look fresh this fall season. Stay tuned for a winter update coming soon…

Written by Olivia Hoffman

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