A French Artist: Fabienne Delacroix

by ally redmond
blonde female artist in front of painting

International French artist Fabienne Delacroix — youngest daughter of the master Naïve painter, Michel Delacroix — is in search of the poetic past.


figurative painting of paris winter street

Her charming scenes of Paris, the French countryside and seascapes reflect the joy, simplicity and sweetness of life, and her work is proudly shown and celebrated around the world (her first exhibit was at age 10!).

figurative painting of seaside with boats

A master of color, perspective and light, Fabienne’s style draws inspiration from the Impressionists and early painters of the Belle Époque era (1880-1910), as well as from Naïve movement — a type of visual art by artists with no formal training, often imitated for its childlike simplicity (a famous example of this style was Henri Rousseau).

figurative painting of country home and family
 “La maison de campagne” (“The country house”) – inspired by the home of our own Editor-in-Chief, Sharon Santoni.

Fabienne’s paintings have distinct airs of both joy and nostalgia, and she likens her take on art to poetry. Her captivating scenes — from colorful boats dotting harbors to wintery Parisian streets to quiet scenes of family life in the country — envelop the viewer in the beauty of her subjects.

Above all else, Fabienne’s goal is to make people smile… and she succeeds.

figurative painting of paris winter street

Fabienne is currently showing at Hugo Galerie in New York City. Her solo exhibit — titled “Un rêve de France” (“A dream of France”) — will run until January 3rd, 2021.

All artwork and photography by Fabienne Delacroix.



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