The Eiffel Tower Had a Baby!

by olivia hoffman

Early on the morning of April 1st, Paris welcomed Baby Eiffela to the Champs-de-Mars! And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke (or a poisson d’avril).


Indeed, among the less than positive press swirling around Paris of late, there is some fun and whimsical news popping up to lift the French spirits. At 134 years old, the Eiffel Tower becomes a mother!

Originally erected in Vendée, a region on the coast of western France, this mini-Eiffel Tower with a height of around 30 meters has been temporarily moved to join its 330-meter-tall parent in Paris. Constructed by the event organization Maindron Production, the replica of the famous tower has been named Eiffela, the daughter of Tour Eiffel, and has even been given a “birth announcement” plaque stating her time of birth, height, and weight.

While we love the concept, this bundle of joy sadly will not stick around for long. As security around the Eiffel Tower increases and more events begin to pop up in the long-awaited spring season, the little one will have to set off into the world to make way for all the action.

If you have the luck of being in Paris this week (before April 10th), you will have the rare opportunity to visit Baby Eiffela situated at the steps of her maman!

But don’t be disappointed if you are not in Paris to catch this temporary attraction. It’s always important to keep your eyes peeled while wandering through this wildly creative city as grandiose art installations are common. Some of the biggest recent examples include artist JR’s optical illusion on the Trocadero Plaza and the “Arc de Triomphe Wrapped” by the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Foundation in 2021.

Right now, you can also catch the colossal Yayoi Kusama installations around the Louis Vuitton flagship store on the Champs Elysées and their headquarters across from the Samaritaine. The collaboration between the luxury brand and the contemporary artist surely lives up to the eccentric standards in this imaginative city.

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