Cutest Chicken Coops on Instagram

by sharon santoni
chicken coop

Photo © Chloe Mackintosh

Coops worth clucking about… You might remember our feature “Poule Party” on chickens and henhouses in My French Country Home Magazine‘s May/June 2021 issue, where contributor Franck Schmitt gives us tips on everything from how to build a proper coop to how to care for your feathered friends (you can still get a copy of the issue HERE).


Below, we’ve rounded up a few of the our favorite chicken coops on Instagram. Check them out below!

Heather Bullard

Welcome to “Chez Poulet!” This impossibly elegant chicken coop was designed by editorial prop stylist and entrepreneur Heather Bullard, and built by her husband. The design became so popular that they even sell the architectural plans to replicate and create your own (check them out HERE!).

Follow her @heatherbullard

Brooke & Steve Giannetti

chicken coop

Designers and authors of Patina Farm (check out our feature and listen to a podcast on their stunning abode in Ojai, California for our “Country Homes Around the World” series HERE) built their gorgeous chicken coop out of cedar, for its incredible resistance to moisture and harsh weather.

Follow them @giannettihome

Jess Parker

Pastels are at play with designer, vintage lover and mother of five Jess Parker’s self-proclaimed “cottage coop,” complete with a charming blue, upcycled door and antique sheet awning (salvaged from an estate sale).

Follow her @whimsicaltreasuresdecor

Lisa Moody

This unbelievable hybrid chicken coop-greenhouse was created, understandably, by Lisa Moody – head of the interior design studio, Grapevine Designs. Located in North Surrey, B.C., Lisa departed from a traditional white structure for a modern, black frame, reminiscent of Scandinavian design.

Follow her @grapvine_designs

Chloe Mackintosh

We’re obsessed with Chloe Mackintosh’s – of lifestyle blog and home & garden website Boxwood Avenue – traditional, white, cottage-style chicken coop, which is home to eight happy hens. In fact, her entire feed is a total country dream…

Follow her @boxwoodavenue

Mel Ridley

Michigan-based Mel Ridley’s Instragram is dedicated to showing off the “beauty in her backyard” – and we can see why! Her chicken coop, the “Hen House,” was built by her grandfather back in 1964.

Follow her @countryfirsts

Erin Schaefgen

This veritable chicken mansion (or “Cooplandia,” as owner Erin Schaefgen fondly refers to it) is a sprawling 900 square feet and can be found in Texas – home to a brood of 50.

Follow her @threelittleblackbirds

To learn how to build your own coop, plus tips on how to raise chickens, get our Mar/Jun 21 issue!

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