Books Set in France to Read on Vacation

by sharon santoni
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Is there anything better than escaping with a good book? Ahead of your summer vacations, from murder mysteries to light-hearted tales, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite books that are set in France to enjoy on your next holiday.


Whether you’re lounging on a beach or unwinding after exploring a city, you’ll be able to transport yourself to a new (French) world with every turn of a page… check out our list below!

The Cheffe: A Culinary Novel

by Marie Ndiaye

In her latest book, Marie NDiaye continues in her vein of arresting fiction about intriguing women. In The Cheffe, she delves into the life of a legendary female chef, who goes on to succeed in a male-dominated world. It is as much about cooking as it is about life in France, but foremost it is a celebration of female creativity and grit.

Death and Croissants

by Ian Moore

Famous TV and radio comedian Ian Moore is back with another hilarious murder mystery novel, set in a fictional area of the Loire Valley. Full of wit and charm, there are few better page turners to keep you dreaming during your flight to France!

Sprinting Through No Man’s Land: Endurance, Tragedy, and Rebirth in the 1919 Tour de France

by Adin Dobkin

The relentless and awe-inspiring tale of the first Tour de France after WWI. Cycling through a France shredded by years of conflict, former soldiers push themselves to their limits in the hope of bringing a sense of normalcy back to their country. A truly inspiring read!

French Like Moi

by Scott Dominic Carpenter

Carpenter’s guide to the frustrating, but highly rewarding labyrinth that is life for a MIdwesterner in Paris. Full of stories about surly neighbors, cranky demonstrators and bewildering cheese lessons, the author guides us through one faux pas after another in a truly hilarious introduction to the City of Light.

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Carnet du Voyageur France

by Zoé de Las Cases

A charming and original address book dedicated to France by charming illustrator, graphic designer and decorator Zoé de la Cases. Over 500 authentic and wonderful places to discover on your next trip to France. Definitely one to keep in the glove suitcase (note – this edition is in French)!

Three Hours in Paris

by Cara Black

An edge of your seat thriller set in WWII Paris by a New York Times bestseller. Elite markswoman Kate Rees, a young American, is tasked with taking down Adolf Hitler himself during his stay in Paris. Expect a page-turning storm of excitement and suspense.

Perestroika in Paris: A novel

by Jane Smiley

Is there anything better than a good book on holiday?

From Pulitzer Prize-winning and best-selling author Jane Smiley comes the extraordinary story of a band of animals – including a spirited racehorse at a track west of Paris, an elegant German shorthaired pointe, two irrepressible ducks and an opinionated raven – and a young boy, who run away together for the adventure of a lifetime. Brimming with ingenuity and curiosity, this book is a celebration of all living beings’’ love for freedom. 

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