10 Ways To ‘Frenchify’ Your Garden

by sharon santoni

There are few things more beautiful and relaxing than a classic French garden. Thoughtfully designed and attractive, there are myriad elements incorporated to ensure this classic aesthetic. But you don’t have to visit France to enjoy one…

This charming video by renowned interior design resource Chez Pluie Provence details the distinct characteristics of a French garden, so you can Frenchify your own – wherever in the world you are.

Here are the tips below, but we suggest watching the video to get visually inspired!

  1. Elegant Entrance: a gate or tree-lined driveway sets the mood
  2. Lavender: a scent synonymous with France, obligatoire !
  3. Topiary: traditional French gardens offer beautiful design and symmetry
  4. Ancient biot jars: varying sizes draw the eye to different areas
  5. Tranquil sitting area: somewhere to relax and enjoy the beauty, such as a wrought iron daybed
  6. Sculptural finials: accentuate architectural features or make a display
  7. Pottery: classic French urns add an air of grandeur
  8. Outdoor dining: a rustic table for long lunches or outdoor accessories like antique lanterns
  9. Fountains: running water adds another sensory layer
  10. Fresh herbs & vegetables: beautiful, useful and offers seasonal produce all year round

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