5 Eco-Friendly French Beauty Brands

by sharon santoni
beauty products

It is a well-known fact that the French prefer to be as natural as possible – from how they look to what they eat to the clothes they wear – and this also goes for the beauty products they use. 


In honor of Earth Day, we’ve highlighted five of our favorite eco-friendly, all-natural cosmetics and skincare brands to help you channel the French approach to beauty and aging. Read on below!


Let’s start with a French beauty brand that you’re likely already familiar with, a skincare powerhouse that’s touted for being one of the best eco-friendly skincare lines around. Born in Bordeaux (“Caudalie” is actually a wine term referring to the unit of measurement for time the flavors of a wine linger on the palate), the company prides itself on being both all-natural and backed by science – it most recently teamed up with Harvard University to pioneer the latest Resveratrol Lift collection, which employs one of the most effective and natural molecules to combat fine lines and aging. It even founded the first Vinothérapie Spa, Les Sources de Caudalie – click here to learn more!



beauty products

Harness the power of French foliage to turn back time with ODEN, a French beauty brand offering products exclusively created with plants grown in France. ODEN is powered by the idea of “slow cosmetics,” taking a minimalist, raw approach to choosing select producers and ingredients that are always traceable back to their source. Expect carefully crafted concotion, such as this evening primrose oil, which has a balanced concentration of omega-6 – ideal for maintaining skin youthfulness. Taking the eco-friendly aspect one step further – its glass bottles are returnable!


Bachca Paris


Bacha is a fan favorite over here at MFCH, and we have stocked a multitude of its offerings – from makeup brushes and pochettes to hair accessories, creams and mirrors – in both our MFCH Boxes & Boutique. Created by Camille de Bascher, this vegan brand was born from a desire to create beautiful, quality products without harming the environment– simple and clean objects meant for everyday use that look pretty on display in your bathroom or vanity. Its collections are centered around raw beech wood (durable and easy to clean), soft colors and a good feel – both in your hand and as you use them.


Mademoiselle Saint Germain


Uncover the beauty secrets of the royals with Mademoiselle Saint Germain, a 100% Made-in-France beauty brand whose products are made with ingredients from the King’s potager (vegetable garden) at the Palace of Versailles. The company takes pharmaceutical expertise (it was founded by esteemed French pharmacist Charles ) and connects it with the benefits of nature. The result is effective and all-natural cosmetics made with exceptional, all-natural – yet luxurious –ingredients. One of our favorite items from the collection is the sumptuous face serum – the perfect, eco-friendly addition to your skincare routine – which we always make sure is stocked up in the MFCH Boutique!


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Beauty starts from within… From the founders of the cult beauty subscription box Birchbox comes Aime — a clean, eco-friendly cosmetics brand that offers a new approach to skincare. Aime focuses less on outer beauty and more on inner health, happiness and loving yourself, selling a range of holistic products, nutritional supplements, probiotics and beauty treatments like facials and scalp massages out of its “Glow Studio” in Paris. A brand you can feel good about loving!


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