The Louvre Puts its Art Collection Online

by ally redmond
louvre gallery with statues

Clear your day! The Louvre Museum in Paris has just made its entire collection of art available online.

This massive digitization, the first of its kind, offers up all 482,000 pieces in the renowned institution’s archives, including its most famous works, articles on loan or previously in storage and many never-before-seen sacred treasures. This is a rare opportunity; normally, only around 30,000 pieces are available to visitors.

© Musée du Louvre

“The strategy of putting nearly everything online is in keeping with the Enlightenment ideals that shaped the museum after the French Revolution,” said Andrew McClellan, author of Inventing the Louvre: Art, Politics and the Origins of the Modern Museum. “Collecting the world’s knowledge together under one roof, and then making it available for researchers and the general public.”

louvre hallways with red walls and paintings

No Paris, no problem! Pour yourself a tea (or a glass of vin), and CHECK IT OUT HERE.

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