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Love the magazine!

Would love to subscribe as the magazine is fabulous; however just a bit too costly for me. If it were just a little less, I would subscribe. Thanks for putting together such a lovely magazine. Love the French!

Marty Moore
March 3, 2020

tres beau!

Thank you for all the beauty!    The first copy I received was in September, and it was all about Burgundy.  It looks so beautiful that I now want to go and visit.

I’m looking forward to the coming issues and learning more about  all the different regions of France that I haven’t yet seen


Thank you Sharon



Jill from Oregan

Jill Watts
January 3, 2020

I love, love , love this magazine!

Merci! I have been looking for a good magazine about all things French for such a long time, and you have provided it. The photography, the information; the recipes; the interior design.
Outstanding work, please keep it up


I even purchased a subscription for my sister as her Christmas gift 🙂

Belinda Jameson
January 3, 2020

Still cannot download my digital Holiday issue. Please tell me how!

I love the magazine very much but have had trouble downloading digital issues



Dear Rita,

We dropped you a line about how to do this!



Rita sydnor
December 9, 2019

Where’s the color?

Sharon, I do not care for your magazine. Where is the color? Your pages lack color and life and are depressing. The photography may be good but there’s no excitement. You have more color in your advertisements. Pages 80 to 88 in your Nov-Dec issue were terrible. It looked like such an interesting place but lacked any color to bring the place alive. I will be cancelling my subscription. I love the British Country Living Magazine. It brings everything alive with color and thus interest and is never depressingly dark and thus depressing. France needs a magazine like that.


Dear Cherie,

Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns about the magazine. We apologize that you find the colors too dark, particularly as we only strive to show the beauty of France.
This isn’t a complaint that we’ve seen a lot but it is definitely one that we will take on board with us as we continue to improve and grow the magazine.

Kind wishes,

Sharon & Team MFCH

Cherie Iverson
November 28, 2019

I am just enquiring if

I am just enquiring if the November /December edition has been sent out yet. I bought a year’s subscription. I love the magazine but am concerned that my copy has not been despatched.


Dear Heather,

We have contacted you via mail about this issue.

Kind wishes,


Heather Smith
November 21, 2019

Love magazine,but didn’t get the latest one

I never receiveb


Dear Dianne,

Glad we could sort out your problem via email!

Kind wishes, Team MFCH.

Dianne Estes
October 16, 2019


Finding the ability to communicate when there is an issue with subscriptions difficult so that’s why I’m doing it here. Still waiting for my digital subscription . It’s a one month purchase. Wanted to give this a try to see how well it works this is the second issue I have purchased, weeks ago and haven’t received it yet? Not finding it easy to return to the downloads either. Hoping to soon, loving the first mag on digital. Hoping to order year subscription of the actual magazine but read others have not received theirs. Been through that before so I’m Leary now.




Dear RonaLee,

Thank you for taking the time to comment. We apologize for difficulties in using the digital version. We’ve contacted you via email ( so that we can help you with your subscription.

Kind wishes, Team MFCH

RonaLee Syme
September 10, 2019

Never received mine 🙁

Writing here because I can’t find any other way to communicate that I never received my order. I bought a years subscription months ago & it has yet to show up. I love your blog & beautiful entries so I was excited to have a hard copy print if the magazine.


Dear Hayley,

We apologize but your payment failed when you tried to purchase the subscription. This is why you have yet to receive any copies. We will contact you via email to help you out with problems subscribing.

Kind wishes, Team MFCH

September 3, 2019


MFCH Magazine arrived in today’s mail. It is exquisite!!! I can hardly wait to sit down with a glass of Chardonnay and savor it from cover to cover. Merci beaucoup!!!!


Dear Lynn,

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! This sounds like the perfect way to enjoy your issue.

Kind wishes, Team MFCH

Lynn J
August 7, 2019

Beautiful Photography

I just read it or at least looked at it as I was too excited to read much. It is outstanding and covered a region that I have been to. The
photography is stunning which the paper and print show perfectly. The magazine is so much better than digital I believe. Thank you all for this beautiful magazine. Now to actually read it. No fingerprints or curled corners allowed!


Chère Joan,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Thrilled you enjoy your print magazine as much as we love making it for you!

Kind wishes, Team MFCH

Joan Fraser
August 7, 2019

Worth the wait!

The magazine finally arrived, and I love the thick luxurious paper and beautiful, crisp, romantic photographs. It is stunning, and definitely worth the wait. Thank you!


Dear Lorraine,

Thank you for your kind comment.

Happy reading, from all of us at Team MFCH.

Lorraine Oh
August 7, 2019

It takes me to France!

Sharon, woke up this morning downloaded the new issue. It’s fabulous. I love the new columns with questions and answers.  Love it, love it.You are such a great editor. Even though I am living on an island in Maine this summer, you transported me to France .
Thank for such a great issue.


Dear Denise,

We’re thrilled to transport you to France with every issue.

Kind wishes, Team MFCH

Denise Atland
August 7, 2019

Love my first issue!

Received my first issue of My French Country Home magazine and it is wonderful. The array of topics and the photos are everything I wanted to see is a magazine about France. Sharon has never disappointed me with her blog or books and she continues with this beautiful magazine to bring inspiration, information, beauty and joy into my home. Thank you.


Dear Victoria,

You’re clearly a long-standing fan! Thank you for continuing to support My French Country Home.

Kind wishes, Team MFCH

August 7, 2019


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