5 French Fashion Brands To Know This Fall

by sharon santoni
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The days are becoming shorter, the air is starting to hold a chill… it is time again for fall. Effortlessly transition from the warm summer months into the coziness of the next season with five stylish French fashion brands. Oversized sweaters, embellished cardigans, ankle boots, dark-hued trousers… they’ve got you covered!



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Sessun is a French fashion brand that was created in Marseille by an anthropologist-turned-designer, Emma François. The label draws inspiration from art, film, photography, books and, above all else — travel. This is evident from its large range of offerings, which includes ethnic and bohemian patterns and interesting, Asian-inspired silhouettes. Sessun also offers a stylish selection of shoes and outerwear… head here for a coat that will make you stand out from the crowd this fall!



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Elegant, minimalist and upscale. Polene, a French fashion brand offering leather goods and accessories, was launched in 2016 by a sister and two brothers and skyrocketed to instant fame. Featuring sculptural pieces, their bags are made from supple leather with clean, crisp lines. Price-wise, they’re an investment, but the high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship is well worth the cost.



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True to its name, French fashion brand Soeur (“sister”) was launched in 2008 by two sisters, Domitille and Angélique Brion. Their chic collections —  which are known for being comfortable, adventurous and androgynous —  are inspired by their travels and their memories. Having taken heavy influence from the male wardrobe (but still feminine), at Soeur you’ll find oversized jackets and trousers but also things like chunky knits, leather sandals and 70s inspired skirts.



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Meet Sézane, a cult favorite French fashion brand. Their philosophy is simple — luxurious high-quality, well-cut pieces that can be worn for a lifetime. The label’s origins story is charming; founder Morgane Sézalory discovered an abandoned collection of vintage clothing and made small refinements on the items before selling online. By 2013, she was offering her own designs alongside her antique finds, and Sézane was born. The vintage vibe remains, and lovers of timeless French style around the world flock here for comfy cardigans, beautiful fabrics, cute accessories, eye-catching prints and much more.


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Hailing from the popular Gerard Darel brand, Pablo is regarded as its elegant little sister. The ready-to-wear label, which has been a favorite of French women for over two decades, is aimed at stylish girls who are just starting out in their careers. As such, you’ll find a lot of “Parisian grey,” wools and chic, professional cuts but also romantic, flowing dresses and fun tees. The best part? With respect to their market, the prices are accessible!




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