French Candle Brands You Should Know

by sharon santoni
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There is nothing quite like the smell of a beautiful candle to invoke a sense of wanderlust. And what better way to remind yourself of treasured memories in France than with bougies (“candles”) crafted by some of the country’s finest brands? We’ve lined up some of our favorite French candles for the ultimate in indulgent escapism. 


Kerzon Paris

green candle with yellow flowers

Created by two brothers, Kerzon develops fragrances made to make us reminisce about precious memories, and it certainly succeeds in doing so with its line of artisanal candles. Every candle is made from all-natural wax and takes its name from a cherished part of the City of Light. The Place des Vosges candle, with its tender notes of Bulgarian rose, delicately pairs with mango and the lemony accent of geranium and will have you dreaming of strolling through the famed square the instant you light the flame. /

Carriere Frères

pink candles with leaves

Founded in 1884, Carrière Frères is the epitome of luxury candle craftsmanship, with all their candles created out of their factory in Normandy. Made with a unique wax formula, you can rest assured that every candle will burn cleanly. Explore their array of scents infused with exotic fragrance combinations like the Siberian Fir and Sri-Lankan Galle Cinnamon candle, an enticing concoction of spice and sensuality.

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floral candles with cinnamon

Specializing in 100% natural and vegan, eco-friendly French candles, Ponoie lovingly handcrafts its collection out of its atelier in France. Their candles are a visual thrill as much as an olfactory one, with sprinklings of dried flowers and herbs lightly blended into each one. There’s even one with cinnamon sticks for the holidays!

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red candle with books

Indulge in one of these heavenly scents crafted by the artisanal French candle brands at Canderella. These deliciously perfumed blends are mostly created in the tiny Provençal village of Grasse — widely considered to be the fragrance capital of France (if not the world) and make for an exquisite and unique gift for any Francophile.

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Maison La Bougie

buly 1803 products

This Parisian label’s collection of candles are expertly blended and beautifully decorated in stunning votives with charming, unique prints directly inspired by the particular candle’s notes. For an opulent treat, set the mood with their range of aromatic blends — for example, the soothing, evocative scents of fig and cedarwood with a hint of patchouli in the Capri candle.

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L’Artisan Parfumeur

black candle with pine cones and dried fruit

L’Artisan Parfumeur is the epitome of the luxury French candle company, even offering the unique opportunity to help you discover your olfactory signature with a 30-minutes personal phone consultation. Their beautiful collection of fragrances is based on 40 years of savoir-faire, and they boast multiple factory locations across France. They aim to take those who smell their scents on a journey, one that will have you relish the harmony and structure of each note. They offer a beautiful seasonal selection as well as travel-sized candles, so you never have to be without your sweet-smelling ambience.

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Buly 1803

wax bust with book plant and candle

Founded by renowned perfumer Jean-Vincent Bully in 1803, this iconic French brand’s natural candles (all made without paraffins) have a long list of devotees, and for good reason. The splendor of its perfectly packed wax wares — encased in elegant ceramic or marble vessels — is almost as divine as the fragrances emitted from them. Discover the bewitching Généraux d’Empire candle, an alluring blend of fresh blackcurrant and rosemary beautifully enhanced by dashes of vervain and peppermint.

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candle and reed diffuser with bouquet

Enjoy enchanting scents from dawn to dusk with Prodige’s line of French candles, which are blended using their exclusive wax recipe that allows for long-lasting fragrance that keep their intensity. Explore the brand’s eclectic range of olfactory thrills, from Cherry Whiskey to Basil and Tomato to Anise & Coriander. /

Claepsidra Paris

tea, teapot and candle on marble table

Claepsidra’s exceptional range of essences combines pure and luxurious yet subtle perfumery with eco-responsive design with their candles, all of which are handmade in France. The Phi candle, an inviting blend of crisp cotton flower and sweet peony petals, is a superb choice if you are searching for a relaxing scent to help you unwind after a long day.

@claepsidra /

Maison Francis Kurkdjan

candle and two perfume bottles

This revered French fragrance house’s deluxe range of scented candles releases captivating aromas designed to reawaken and revitalize the senses. Consider the La Trouverie candle inspired by Francis’s carefree childhood escapes: a charming blend infused with lavender, rosemary and thyme. You’ll be immediately transported to the rolling hills of the French countryside.

@maisonfranciskurkdjan /

two lit candles in dark glass

Un Soir À L’Opéra (“An Evening At The Opera”) is a purveyor of luxury French candles and home fragrances inspired by the great works of the Opera. It looks for olfactory inspiration in the musical scores and choreography, and their talented perfumers are their composers. Timeless and meant to tell a story, the candles have names like Mozart, The Magic Flute, Swan Lake, Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet.

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