September/October 2023

Welcome a new issue of My French Country Home!

As the vibrant colors of summer slowly fade into the muted embrace of fall, we find ourselves captivated by the sensorial beauty of this enchanting season. In this edition, we have crafted a feast for the senses. As you flip through the pages, it’s as if you can taste the brandy of the Cognac region in our Discovering Guide or the divine dishes by the sisters of Mont-Saint-Michel. You may even smell the leather of the saddlery shop at Haras du Pin National Stud or the grand flower arrangements at Château de Chenonceau. Perhaps you’ll feel the chill of the early morning autumn air braved by the mushroom hunters, only to be warmed again by the fireplace inside a delightful modern country home. We hope you can hear the sweet song of the birds through the gardens of Vendée and Aveyron in west and southwest France, all while enjoying the fantastic images captured by our talented photographers in each of the features of this colorful fall issue!

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