Jan/Feb 2022

by sharon santoni

Welcome to our January/February 2022 issue!

The first issue of 2022 is here, and we are starting the year in style with a fresh design we hope you’ll love!

For our Jan/Feb edition, we’re kicking off with a guide to idyllic Annecy & other ideal French winter getaways; recipes for the ultimate comfort meals; a guide for planning garden seating – ideal spots for reflection; a tour of Champ-de-Bataille’s two magical greenhouses by master designer Jacques Garcia; and inspiring interiors – from a renovated rectory in Burgundy to a modern, light-filled Parisian to a cozy family home that revisits traditional chalet codes.

Bonne année !

Contributors include Eve Cardi, Joanna Maclennan, Eric Sander, Grégory Brousse and more.