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10 Mood-Enhancing Things To Do In Paris When It Rains

Things To Do In Paris When It Rains

If you haven’t experienced Paris sous la pluie, or “in the rain,” then you haven’t experienced the real Paris. No stranger to frequent wet weather, the City of Lights comes alive in a different way in the rain than it does in sunshine. Silver skies, beautiful architecture reflected in puddles – some say it’s even…

Discover the Charming ‘Little(r) Museums of Paris’

illustration and image of musee nissim de camondo

If you’ve been to Paris, you’ve likely been to one of its most famous, big museums – perhaps the Louvre, Musée D’Orsay or Musée Rodin. But the City of Lights has a universe of smaller collections and cultural offerings, if you only know where to look. We discovered The Little(r) Museums of Paris: An Illustrated…