Mar/Apr 2022

by sharon santoni

Welcome to our spring 2022 edition!

We celebrate the arrival of warm weather with expert tips for planting tulips (plus, how to create a beautiful bouquet); a visit to the stunning Château d’Ambleville, known for its Italianesque garden that bursts into life come spring; and a guide to France’s glittering Emerald Coast. We also refresh our interiors for the season, this edition with a retro millstone house turned family home in Montmartre; an old restored Norman presbytery; and the refined, Regency-style house of a Bordeaux-based events & design agency founder. Plus, fresh fragrances for spring, the perfect dinner party menu from a French cook and much more…

Vive le printemps !

Contributors include Edoardo Grassi, Héloïse Brion, Eric Martin, Franck Schmitt and more.