Our Favorite French Expat Instagram Accounts

by ally redmond
woman in a white dress standing next to a bike in a field in provence

Dream of France from afar? Do you wonder how expats establish a life outside of their home countries? We’ve rounded up our favorite French Instagram accounts brought to you by expats. With feeds and blogs as intriguing and useful for locals as they are for tourists and other expats, our favorite expat Instagrammers in France share their gained knowledge of the country and its lifestyle via visual diaries.

For a peek into their journeys and tips on all things French – from fashion to baking to regional recommendations – follow our favorite French expat Instagrammers spotlighted below.




Jamie Beck

various pink flowers arranged in various glass vases

© Jamie Beck

Jamie Beck moved from Manhattan to Provence with the intent of only staying for one year, but like so many before her, she fell in love and never left. An artist who creates stunning photographic portraits and founded the cinemagraph, Jamie herself is reminiscent of a Renaissance painting come to life. Though daily posting of her gorgeous creations and her adventures traveling in the south, Jamie gives us a creative view into her idyllic French life.


Carin Olsson

fashionable women in grey in front of arc de triumph

© Carin Olsson

If you’re a lover of French fashion and luxury, follow Carin Olsson. What was planned as a four-month stint in Paris later became a lifelong Parisian dream for this Swedish blogger. Passionate about photography, Carin uses her Instagram “Paris in Four Months” to document all the beautiful places and things she comes across both in the capital and on her worldwide travels. French glitz and glam galore.


Frank Adrian Barron

round white sheet cake decorated with purple flowers

© Frank Adrian Barron

When dessert aficionado Frank Barron moved from San Francisco to Paris in 2012, he noticed a small but present gap in the sweets market –  one of that for the simple sheet cake, also beloved and craved by his fellow expats. With this began Frank’s cake baking journey in the Marais (he offers private workshops and tours there), as well as the birth of his moniker “cakeboy.” Follow his decadent adventures via his eye-catching, eponymous Instagram. That is, if you don’t mind drooling at the screen.


Vanessa Grall

inside a long room with exotic decor

© Vanessa Grall

Vanessa Grall, aka Nessy, was raised a London girl but is now happily based in Paris. She runs the avid media website and Instagram account “Messy Nessy Chic,” a self-proclaimed “online cabinet of curiosities.” And indeed it is – her feed is a place where interesting content meets visual inspiration. We guarantee you’ll unlock more than a few secrets about the City of Light and fall down a rabbit hole or two. For the print version of hidden Parisian hideaways and best-kept local insights, check out her book, Don’t Be A Tourist in Paris.


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Lindsey Tramuta

French charcuterie plate with meats, cheeses and radishes

© Lindsay Tramuta

Culture and travel journalist Lindsey Tramuta resides in Paris by way of Philadelphia. She’s written a bestselling book – The New Paris: the People, Places & Ideas Fueling a Movement – and has another on the way, titled The New Parisienne. Lindsay’s French Instagram account “Lost in Cheeseland” is a visual feast exhibiting her vast knowledge of French cuisine and affinity for the culture. It’s also a great resource for recommendations on where to eat and drink in Paris.


Mimi Thorrison

process of baking dishes of egg and asparagus

© Mimi Thorrison

Raised in Hong Kong with summers spent at her French grandmother’s in the South of France, Mimi Thorrison now calls the beautiful countryside of Médoc home. She’s written two well-received cookbooks – A Kitchen in France and French Country Cooking – and she also hosts workshops with themes ranging from cooking to wine tasting to discovering what different seasons of her region has to offer. Visit her Instagram for delectable shots of meals, flowers, Mimi and her family. Très, très chic !


Curious Provence

woman in white dress in fields of lavender

© Curious Provence

Curious about Provence? So was Ashely when she moved there from Montréal, Canada, and thus began her blog and Instagram “Curious Provence.” Having since become an expert on the region, Ashley is now a private tour guide, leading market tours and offering tips on local wine, food and festivities and “cultural particularities.” A photographer with a keen eye, her feed is filled with shots of local wonder; her aesthetic will have you dreaming of the hum of cicadas and sunny lavender fields.


Parisian Moments

outside a typical parisian cafe

© Parisian Moments

Photographers David C. Phillips and Georgianna Lane created Parisian Moments to pool their talent and passion for Paris in one place and inspire those who share their love for the capital. And inspire they do, with beautiful, light-filled photography featuring flowers, architecture, café society and more…  Picture your most perfect, rose-tinted Paris and you have Parisian Moments!


Kate Devine

View of landscape of Paris

© Kate Devine

Writer and photographer Kate Devine moved to Paris complete her PhD thesis on 21st-century autofiction. Luckily for us, Kate has taken us along her voyage and is dedicated to capturing and sharing the city’s most beautiful restaurants, passageways and sights. Some could argue that following her is the next best thing to actually being in Paris! For more, check out the Instagram @seemyparis, comprised of a group of Paris-based photographers that includes Kate.


Molly Wilkinson

woman decorating a cake with flowers

© Claire Emmaline

Want to learn how to make macarons, mille-feuille, tarts and other delicious French treats? Then definitely follow Molly Wilkinson, a Texan pastry chef and alumni of one of France’s most prestigious culinary schools – Le Cordon Bleu. Expect to see gorgeous cakes, surprise bake-alongs, tours of her local shops and farmers markets and recommendations for the Versailles area and beyond. If you’re planning a trip to France, consider booking one of her private classes that she conducts out of her 18th-century apartment (or take one virtually!).


Sharon Santoni

woman in garden holding a bushel of leafy vegetables

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of favorite expat Instagrammers is MFCH’s own Editor, Sharon Santoni. British-born, Sharon came to France to study but fell in love – with the country and a French boy – and never returned to the UK. From her charming old home in Normandy, Sharon has brought her followers a taste of authentic French country living for a decade. She posts on everything from buying antiques to enjoying local food to talking about home and garden design, and she also curates a luxury international subscription box – My Stylish French Box – so her readers can bring touches of France into their own homes.



Have a favorite French expat Instagram account? Let us know in the comments below!


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