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10 Mood-Enhancing Things To Do In Paris When It Rains

Things To Do In Paris When It Rains

If you haven’t experienced Paris sous la pluie, or “in the rain,” then you haven’t experienced the real Paris. No stranger to frequent wet weather, the City of Lights comes alive in a different way in the rain than it does in sunshine. Silver skies, beautiful architecture reflected in puddles – some say it’s even…

The History of the Croissant + a recipe from the World’s Best Pâtissier

croissants by cedric grolet opera, as seen in mfch magazine jan-feb issue

A golden crescent filled with paper-thin layers of pastry, the croissant is deeply associated with French culture. However, this breakfast favorite isn’t actually of French origin! In celebration of Croissant Day, Team MFCH – ardent fans of the delicious viennoiserie – looks back at the history of the croissant. Plus, we share a special recipe…

Inside the January/February 20 issue

A New Year is the promise of the clean slate, plans to be made, dreams to be fulfilled.  It’s with this spirit that we begin 2020 at My French Country Home! For our first issue of the year, there was nowhere better to begin than Paris. Read on for a taster of what you can…

6 Dreamy French Châteaux to Visit in Winter

Amboise chateau under cover of snow

While spring offers beautiful flowers and touring domaines by bike, there’s a definite charm to visiting the Loire’s French châteaux in during winter. Naturally there’s fewer people visiting at this time of year, and the châteaux look sublime covered in steel-colored frost or a thick layer of snow. Every Holiday season in the Touraine Loire…

team mfch: what we’re thankful for

team mfch thanksgiving post

Thanksgiving has rolled around so quickly! Before the holiday season runs away with us, it’s the perfect moment to take stock and reflect on what we’re grateful for. It’s been a busy year for the whole My French Country Home team and an exciting first year for the magazine. Read on to learn what we’re…

5 Ways to Celebrate Marie-Antoinette’s Birthday

a still from 'marie-antoinette'

On 1755, November 2 Marie-Antionette was born. The Austrian princess, destined to become Queen of France, captivated people of her own time and today. Here are chic ways to celebrate the life of this famous French personality!